“Color / Time / Chance Abstraction,” Clockwork Gallery, Mehringplatz, Berlin, 2010.

Clockwork Gallery is located in one the “advert-clocktowers" found all over Berlin. Artworks occupy two sides of the kiosk. In 2010, the other sides displayed casino ads. In response, I structured a dice game (see diagram) to produce paintings that connected ideas of the “wheels” of color, chance, and time.

Dice rolls determined how colors associated with numbers filled out sections of an abstract design. Shifting the color-number associations by 3 (or a quarter) resulted in a palette shift according to probability. The “midnight” painting had more red, white, blue, yellow, and black. The “3 a.m.” painting had more orange, green, gray, brown and purple. Each painting contains a time-code marker tossed randomly on the scanner while the works were digitized for printing.